Deck Rigging Hardware

I decided to add backer plates to the deck rigging hardware.  This lifts the rigging a bit and makes it easier to engage  and tie off lines.

DSC00412This is a simple pad eye, located on the port side of the mast.  It will hold the Ronstan double becket block.DSC00408  The cam cleat with fairlead, also on the port side, will secure the downhaul line.

DSC00415Moving to the Starboard side, the swivel base deck block to run the halyard.

DSC00416 And a 5″ cleat to secure the halyard…I don’t want this one coming unloose.

DSC00417Cabin top looking aft.

Steps I followed:

  1. Glued up the backer blocks from left over scraps.
  2. Shaped backer blocks according to rigging hardware shape.
  3. Used rigging to drill holes in backer blocks for proper alignment.
  4. Used backer blocks to drill holes in cabin top.
  5. Used screws through rigging to clamp epoxied backer blocks to the cabin deck.
  6. Used fender washers underneath to secure all rigging.


This took some patience running back and forth to the hardware store.  The holes for the various rigging parts were not all the same diameter, so I had a lot to keep track… bolt diameter, bolt length, fender washers and nuts to fit everything.  Now getting ready to sand and varnish the top of Shackleton.  

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