Securing Center Board Bolt

It just wasn’t right…I could feel it in my bones.  Remember, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong if I’m within 20 feet of the problem.  My life experience has taught me this.  Like the time I rode Todd Treasures motorcycle in 4th grade without asking…long story but it turned out bad; or the time I flipped my bicycle trailer while descending at 34 mph down a wet hill on the Oregon Coast.  The experiences go on and on.

I knew the center board bolt would come winging out on me when I least expected it, if I didn’t come up with a solution to this problem.

Thanks to many for their input on the Scamp forum.  I settled on this simple solution.

DSC00428 The bolt plate has previously been epoxied to the center board case.  This left only the bolt that needed to be sealed.  I slathered it with 100% silicon caulk.

DSC00425Then I took a small piece of wood, measuring 1 3/4″ x 3″, and drilled out the center with a 1 1/8″ forsner bit.  I test fit the depth on the bit cut for a snug fit against the bolt head.

DSC00426 Then I drilled out the outside of the block with a counter sink bit.  I plan to use 1 1/4″ ss screws.  They protrude through the block 5/8″.  I calculated the thickness of the case at this point to be 3/4″.   Notice I offset the counter sink holes, holding them up toward the top of the block a bit.  This allows better access in hatch #5 to set the screws.

DSC00418This is the block positioned over the bolt.  I will epoxy and varnish this block and then screw it in position.  It fits nicely along side the Vault.  Now I can sleep again at night.

One of these days, any day now, I won’t have anything left to build.


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