Mast Crutch Supports

Here are the mast supports I designed for Shackleton.  

Warning:  this may be way too many photos for your liking.  DSC00418 DSC00421 DSC00425 DSC00426 DSC00428 DSC00431 DSC00433 DSC00435 DSC00436 DSC00416 DSC00417 DSC00419 DSC00420 I used 2″ nylon webbing to wrap the supports.  I secured the supports with 1/4″ ss bolts and fender washers.

Still on track to launch this Saturday ˜

3 thoughts on “Mast Crutch Supports

  1. Looks nice, Brent! I expect to borrow aspects of that for my supports. For now, I’ve just been strapping them to the roof rack on the van, and that works OK. I have a local canvas shop sewing up two bags (one for sail and spars and one for the mast and its lines), and it will be nice to get those to tidy things up on the rack. Good luck with your launch! — Dave

  2. Thanks Guys for the comments. Jeff, I plan to leave them on permanently. I’m lazy and don’t like to do anything I can eliminate. The back support misses the boom fine (or at least it appears to…will know more once I sail) and the front will reside under the boom while underway. Wish me luck on Saturday.

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