Second Outing with Shackleton

Every great Micro Adventure begins with food.  Since I don’t know how to make a sandwich, Bennett agreed to prepare the food.

DSC00417I was actually Bennett’s second choice today, but since his brother was in driver education, he agreed to go sailing with me.  Kids have it so tough nowadays.  DSC00418You’ve see this before.

DSC00419Yes, I’m grateful for the little outboard motor.  This is Idaho folks.  Nuking wind or no wind at all seems to be our norm.  And, it changes every 10 minutes.

DSC00426First half of our adventure was motoring and eating.  Notice the glassy smooth water behind us.  Bennett is licking his fingers after the Cheetos.  We used a Wave Front tiller clutch on the tiller handle…it allowed us to eat and motor at the same time.  Very convenient.

DSC00430Beautiful Palisade Reservoir near the Wyoming boarder.  DSC00431Now were talking…future R2AK participant here.  I love this expression.  This is no video game…this is the real deal.

DSC00434We sailed all the way back to the dock on a broad reach.  Bennett did almost all of the sailing.  Kids are great, sailboats are great.


  1. Loved having both sail and outboard.  In fact, the outboard saved the day.
  2. Rigging worked much better than Sea Trials #1.
  3. Reefing is still not acceptable.   It was very difficult to reach the lark’s head line…things felt off balance reaching that far fore and aft (Simeon, you were right).
  4. I have another idea in mind for my next outing using line, cheek blocks and cam cleats.  I’ll get there folks, but I’m not there yet.
  5. The Wave Front tiller clutch was awesome.

It was great to get out again and get a little more experience with Shackleton.  I have a lot to learn, but every trip teaches me much more than I could ever glean from a book.  I love my Scamp…so glad I built this little sailing machine.  

2 thoughts on “Second Outing with Shackleton

  1. Congratulations on your launch and getting things sorted out! I can only imagine that Shackleton, (the man) would have been very pleased with the results of Shackleton (the boat).

    Bennett looks like a natural at the helm, and he wears the Tilley hat well. – Ron

  2. Ron,

    Thanks, that’s quite a high compliment you have paid me. Earnest Shackleton is a hero of mine. I love reading “Endurance” by Alfred Lansing. I think a copy should always reside on the boat.

    Bennett is a very quiet dude…eats a lot, but doesn’t say much. I loved seeing him at the helm of Shackleton. He grows about a foot a day.

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