Palooza Crooza 2015

Following the Skills Camp, we attended the Palooza Crooza.  We had not idea what to expect.  DSC00682  We used the lid of our pizza box to take notes at the captains meeting.  This proved very helpful as the week went on.  It provided tidal information and destination details critical for our survival.

DSC00629Hanging out at Matt Matt’s bay after a long hot sail.  We were tired and worn out by the heat of the day.

DSC00512Lou Zamperini would have loved to have this much food aboard his life raft in the Pacific.  We probably could have live 90 days on this stash.

DSC00628The Jet Boil cranked the boiling water with aplomb.  However, the real chefs of this cruise cooked real food, not the processed food we brought.  Next time, I’m going to step up my cooking game significantly.  DSC00599It was a lot of fun to sail with all the other wooden boats.  Two Scamps and a Belhaven 19 in hot pursuit.

DSC00662We got distracted and found ourself washed up onto this oyster bed.  Trust me, we do not have these in Idaho.

DSC00664 DSC00663  Never seen so many oysters in my life.  Notice the crab, I should have cooked this up for dinner.  DSC00669 These guys know wooden boats.DSC00667 There all gorgeous boats, meticulously maintained.  DSC00668 I loved the Great Pelican.  Tons of room and a real salty look.  DSC00666 DSC00649 Peppered jerky made a great snack.  I’m dawning my wool sweater, trying to look as salty as an Idaho boys knows how to look.   DSC00635The overnight spots were beautiful.

DSC00619Notice the bags everywhere.  We were not organized, but hey, we were there. DSC00622   First mate taking a snooze.DSC00586 DSC00560Summary:

Many thanks to those who put on this great little cruise.  This was our first sailing trip to the Puget Sound.  We never would have attempted this without the support of the organized group.  We enjoyed great conversation with all the other sailors and learned a lot just observing how they rig and roll for such an adventure.  I hope to return next year with another one of my children.  

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