Scamp Skills 2015

DSC00529Last week fulfilled a long time goal of mine.  To attend a Scamp Skills course while sailing my very own hand built Scamp.  After 15 months of building, I was finally ready to realize this goal.  Furthermore, I had the chance to take Preston along with me.  This years Scamp Skills did not disappoint.  Did I get my life long memory?   Yes, I did.  

First let’s start with a few basic questions:

Question:  Why not just slap a motor on a boat, get out on the lake and go full throttle?

Answer:   Because you would get to the other end of the lake in 10 minutes and wonder what to do next.  Where is the adventure in that?

Question:  Why mess with all the lines, rigging and hardware, the set up time and other gobbelty goop?  Isn’t that all just a lot of work?

Answer:  Yes, but it’s worth every second.  It’s educational, it’s quiet, it’s natural and it’s fun.  It’s travel like Christopher knew.  In this fast paced world who needs more fast paced hobbies.  Sailing slows you down and allows you to think, absorb and take in your natural surroundings.

The educational list for sailing is long and impressive: 

  1. Geometry
  2. Physics
  3. Appreciation for nature
  4. Keen sense of wind direction
  5. Patience
  6. Mechanical advantages of blocks and tackle
  7. Knots and how to tie them
  8. Adventure
  9. Map and compass
  10. Preparation
  11. Self reliance
  12. Problem solving
  13. Navigation

The list could continue, but you get the point.

Now for a few photos

DSC00516Shackleton sitting quietly in her slip in Point Hudson Marina.  

DSC00514First mate (Preston) ready to try his hand at sailing.

DSC00518We had 5 Scamps attend the skills course.  All very beautiful boats…I was so impressed with everyones work and attention to detail.

DSC00562There is a lot of wooden boat history in Port Townsend. I have seen this symbol many times in photographs. It was fun to finally stand by it and realize we are now part of the history.

DSC00558Some of the boats are quite simple.

DSC00549While others are quite elegant.

DSC00538We had a large group for breakfast each morning in the local cafe.  Lot’s of good sailing stories being shared here.

DSC00555These are the two ring leaders.  John Welsford (Scamp desginer from New Zealand)  in the back with Howard Rice pointing the way.  These guys were great teachers and very knowledgable.  I don’t know where I could’ve gone for a better sailing experience.


Was it worth the money?  Yes

Was it all I thought it would be?  It exceeded my expectations.  Sailing with Preston and Howard on Shackleton made the entire trip worthwhile for me.  

Would I go again?  Yes, if Howard will sail again with me.

Finally, my sincere thanks to both John and Howard for taking time out of their personal lives to put on such a great skills class

DSC00596This is what it’s all about folks.  You only live once…get out and create a memory today.  

3 thoughts on “Scamp Skills 2015

  1. Jeff, it was great to meet you also. Missed you the final days. We actually headed out one day early ourselves.

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