Rudder Downhaul Fix

After loosing my rudder downhaul line on an oyster bed off Marrowstone Island, I knew I needed a more secure fix.  Well, how about epoxy?


Line lead into the rudder, taped off ready for epoxy.

DSC00423I don’t think this will be coming out again.  I’ll now clean up the overage and reattach to rudder head assembly.


Disadvantages:  Will require a drill bit to replace the line.  Hardly replaceable in the field.

Advantages:  Uber secure, not much to go wrong.


5 thoughts on “Rudder Downhaul Fix

  1. Dave, the hole in my rudder for the downhaul line was not big enough to accommodate a knot, so I had doubled over the line and tied it together. This allowed the line to work loose and pull through the hole. I had two choices: 1-drill out the rudder to accept a full size knot, or 2- epoxy it in place. The epoxy seemed the easier and less intrusive solution.

    • Makes sense. I drilled the hole bigger so that the knot would fit. Not sure I ever blogged about that, I was building more than blogging towards the end, but I hope to go back and catch up. — Dave

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