Trailer Issues and Solutions

I trailered Shackleton over to Port Townsend and back last week.  We had an excellent time, but I learned a few things while trailering Shackleton this far over the road.

First Issue:  The front bumper pads rubbed against the pram bow.

DSC00420This is from one trip to Port Townsend and back (1,750 miles).  Though the front pads seemed like a good idea, in practice, they perform a disservice.

DSC00416So, I went to the wood pile and pulled out a scrap piece of UHMW.  I routed the edges and used a counter sink bit to set the 1 1/4″ SS screws.  I’m hoping the carpet, will allow some give in the UHMW as the bow makes contact with it.


DSC00421All mounted up read to place back onto the trailer.  Will it work?  Only time will tell, but there should be less friction for sure.

Second Issue:  The trailer seemed to squeak while trailering.  I thought I would try to lube the leaf springs to prevent the squeaking.  Here is what I noticed:

DSC00416This side looked correct, with the leaf spring running between the upper and lower bolt.

DSC00417This side, however, has the leaf spring running below the lower bolt.  This didn’t look right so I called Carnai Trailers to inquire.  Yes, they agreed it was wrong…but also stated it was impossible.  Their manufacturing processes are so good that this simply could not be.  Well, that’s why I sent these pictures to them before I placed my call…so they could see that it was wrong.   My request to Carnai was for them to pay to have a tire shop simply jack up the trailer, remove the bolt and lower the frame.  They said they would not pay to have the spring relocated.   Remember, it was impossible.  Finally, they would gladly look at the trailer if I just pulled it to Spokane.  This was not only impractical but flat out ridiculous.  After hitting them over the head with the simple logic of how ridiculous this was, they finally agreed to pay for the fix.  Truth is, I’m going to fix it myself, but it didn’t leave a very good taste in my mouth regarding Carnai Trailers.


You have to get acquainted with your gear.  Look closely at it…if it doesn’t make sense, something is probably wrong.  It will continue to take some time to work through all the little details that I want to get right.  


4 thoughts on “Trailer Issues and Solutions

  1. boat trailers will make all sorts of interesting noises when going down the road.

    that spring issue is disappointing. the standards on boat trailers isn’t all that high.

    • Dave, Will Powers checked his Carnai trailer…both springs were on the bottom of the lower bolt. Unbelievable…this could have caused a serious accident. Luckily Will caught it after reading about my issues.

  2. Almost every SCAMP Carnai trailer I’ve seen has one of its amber side clearance lights mounted upside down. These are the rectangular ones mounted on the trailer frame up ahead of the wheels.

    The fixture have a set of water drain holes and if they are mounted upside down, they fill with water and within three launches, my port side one corroded and burned out. Carnai was decent and sent me a replacement.

    If yours are installed wrong, simply remove the two screws holding on the amber lens, loosen the inter mounting stud, and you can rotate it 180 degrees. I’ll send you an email/photos via pm


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