Center Board Retrieval Line and Touch Up

DSC00429With my boat up off the floor, I was ready to install my center board retrieval line.  I used a forsner bit to drill a neat straight hole up into the forward bottom edge of the center board.  I drilled approximately 1″ into the board.  I used a nail to apply unthickened epoxy into the drilled hole.  Then I thickened the epoxy and added the line.

DSC00433I’ll cut the line to a finish length after I test it during a capsize drill.

DSC00434With the boat up off the trailer, I also touched up some areas of excessive wear from the trailer bow pads.


I’m now ready to apply my high gloss finish to the top side (remember, my first matte finish failed miserably and needed to be all scraped off).  This was a bit of a disappointment, but heck, now I know how to refinish the boat.  Honestly, I had no choice but to refinish it.

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