Bright Work Complete

Shackleton’s bright work is now complete.  

DSC00451After the big disappointment of having the satin finish fail in some locations (yet, just fine in others), I now present you with the new bright work on Shackleton.  This took some energy, but now it’s all behind me.  And, when it comes time to refinish the boat, I’ll know just how to do it.  I’m trying to stay positive here…lot’s of things can and will go wrong with a build of this magnitude.  Remember, I’m a magnet for misfortune.  Things happen to me that others say should never happen or they can’t image that scenario ever happening to anyone.  Yet, I’m always the one raising my hand when they ask, “has anyone ever hand _______ happen?  Yup, me.

Yet, just sailing this little micro cruiser makes it all worthwhile.  Trust me, it’s all worth it.


I can now move on to the next item on my list which happens to be rigging.  I’m going straight back to continuous line reefing, with only the first and third reed points being rigged.  The other trick up my sleeve is softer, more flexible lines to better flow through the grommets in the sail.  My boom is now riddled with holes.  I really don’t care.  Until I get a system I like, I’ll continue to use it as the guinea pig.  At some point, when all is right with my boom, I may just build a new one.  But, I’m getting way ahead of myself on this blog post.


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