Simplifying the Mast Support

While sailing with Howard Rice at the 2015 Scamp Skills Academy in Port Townsend, we noticed that my mainsheet was fouling on the aft mast support.  In the future, Howard urged me to remove the mast support before launching.   I was resistant to this idea because I wanted to minimize the time required to launch my Scamp.  However, after seeing the main sheet wrap around the aft mast support several times, I knew something needed to be done. DSC00416I started by epoxying the front bolts and washers to both mast supports.

DSC00419Now, these bolts will not come out of the supports.  This means when I remove the supports at the launch, I will not loose the bolts and washers on the launch ramp.  I then took a drill and slightly over sized the holes for easy insertion through the mast box and rear transom.  This allows me to insert both mast supports without any hang ups.

DSC00417Then, I purchased stainless steel wing nuts to secure the back sides of the bolts. Notice, I had to cut the Port side washer to fit around the fillet.  I still need to tend the washers and wing nuts on the back side of the supports, but this is much easier than tending bolts, washers and nuts for both sides of the support.

DSC00418This allows me to quickly remove the mast supports prior to launch.  Howard, are you proud of me?


It requires a lot of finesse to get a boat right.  This is why I decided to build my own sailboat…I can get it the way I want it.  I love my Scamp.  


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