Footwell, Part 1

While sailing with Sergei and Tyler in Port Townsend, I notice several things about Serenity that I liked.  One was the large footwell, the other was the Bimini.  I left the Palooza Crooza with several improvements on my mind.  The footwell and the Bimini were two changes I knew I wanted to incorporate.

Preston and I discussed the pro and cons and finalized our decision.  Shackleton would get a footwell…and a large one at that.

DSC00417You’ve got to think this one through for a while.  This is definitely a one way street.  After measuring and remeasuring, staring and scratching my chin, I got out the jig saw and made a cut.

DSC00418Located right behind the ballast tank area and running aft all the way to BH6.  I left quite a large edge near the seat longitudinals to serve as a foot rest.


I plan to add support to the existing hull to stiffen this area and add two round access hatches to the BH6-BH7 storage area.  All this while not getting in the way of the prime real estate located between BH6 & BH7 that we utilize while standing to sail Shackleton.


Why so large?  Well, have you met Preston and Bennett, my two sons?  This should answer your question.  Also Sergei had very positive things to say about Serentiy’s full size footwell.  It preformed admiral during their capsize testing.  Finally, if your going to open it up, why not gets some room in the process.  Others prefer a small foot well, but after looking at Serenity, I knew I landed in the large footwell camp.  


2 thoughts on “Footwell, Part 1

  1. I applaud your courage to cut into a perfectly good boat so soon after the first launch. While I am still building something I have no hesitation in making changes and redoing things, but when the paint and varnish have dried, I worry much more about messing something up.

    Your large footwell looks good. I imagine that this will make longer sailing trips much more comfortable.

    • Thanks Ron, Ya I thought long and hard before cutting into the sole, but once I saw the foot well in person, I knew I wanted one. I was having a hard time getting comfortable in the boat without proper leg extension. The large foot well makes a lot of sense to me. I will post my experiences with it after a few sea trials.

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