Filler Boards for Sleeping

During the Palooza Crooza, I watched Simeon, Jeff, Sergei and Tyler all sleeping aboard their Scamps.  I was in such a hurry to finish Shackleton that I skipped this step, telling myself instead that I didn’t want to sleep aboard such a tiny ship and the I would simply sleep on the ground.  After watching these guys sleep on their boats, I knew I wanted to be able to do the same.

Plus, being able to sleep aboard Scamp adds to the versatility of this little micro cruiser and takes the vessel in a whole new dimension.  Finally, what man doesn’t want to sleep on his boat…all real men aspire to such high and noble callings in life. 

I told you there were 49 things I wanted to do to my boat…I wasn’t kidding.

DSC00416Lance testing the filler boards.  I’m planning to raise up a lot of sailers in my family.

DSC00425Abby is utilizing the foot well underneath.  This would provide a very low center of gravity dining position.

DSC00430I chamfered the edges to transition between the seat height and the filler board thickness.


Steps I took:

  1. I grooved out the seat extensions with a router (3/8″ wide by 1/2″ deep).  This was actually very difficult.  The router wanted to split the vertical grain Douglas Fir.  It would have been much easier to do this step on a table saw prior to installation, but I got it done.
  2. I then purchased 3/4″ x 12″ pine shelving from Home Depot.  I cut this to fit between the seats.  It took 7 pieces.
  3. I planed the filler boards to a heavy 5/8″.  This cleaned them up and lightened them just a bit.
  4. I then used my table saw to chamfer the top edge to transition between the seat height and the thickness of the filler boards.  This matches the look of my seat hatches.
  5. I then used a 1/8″ round over bit to soften all the edges.
  6. I also cut a 1, 1/4″ hole in the center of each board.  This allows me to reach in with two finger and remove the boards one handed.
  7. They are all designed to stack against the rear transom when not in use.  I will utilize a river strap to secure them in the event of a capsize.


I’m going to design a custom filler board at the transom.  This board will have cup holder cut outs, anchor storage and extra fuel containers built into it’s design.  I also plan to fix this board in place.  I also plan to design a stop at the front end of the seats to prevent the boards from slipping forward and out of position.  Lots to do, but all good stuff. 

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