Attaching Water Bottle Holders

I used 3/4″ SS screws with fender washers.  I screwed the cup holders into bulkhead #4.

DSC00418I originally placed the screws through both webbing straps, but the screw head scratched the bottle and made the fit a bit snug.  I then placed the screws only through the vertical webbing into the bulkhead.  This worked better.

DSC00427Two on Starboard side.DSC00429Two on Port side.


  • Out of the sun
  • Just under the veranda
  • Easily reached from the cockpit
  • One handed retrieval and put back
  • Flexible
  • Imposible to damage
  • Easy to sew and install

 This is one of several steps I want to take to better organize Shackleton.  How organized is your boat?


2 thoughts on “Attaching Water Bottle Holders

  1. Great idea for the bottle holders – I like the fact these would crush to almost flush without a bottle if needing to prop something up against the bulkhead. I sail a Chebacco 20 and am always looking for clever storage ideas. When my boys were younger and four of us were in the cockpit with main, jig and miizzen sheets, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, hats, gps, etc tacking up the inlet it was crazy (but fun!)
    If you check out this page on my blog I found these handy tubs (for kitchen waste) that hook over any vertical edge and are super useful. Even have a lid.
    Enjoying your blog and can so relate. Even 13 years after launching I am still fiddling around with things. Relate to your comments about balancing work, family and other activities. I am living that for sure!
    Cheers, Randy Wheating
    Vancouver, BC


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