Aft Hatch

By creating a footwell, it freed up an extra hatch.  In contemplating what to do with it, I decided to place it in the BH6-7 location.  This will make available almost as much space as I lost by creating the footwell.  None the less, it still takes guts to cut a hole in the sole of a perfectly good boat.

DSC00416The first step was to determine the location of the cut.  With the hatch in hand, it is easy to trace out the area to be removed.

DSC00417This hole allows access for the jig saw.

DSC00420After a little extra cutting and filing, the hatch dropped in.  Luckily, I had already finished the inside of this area with epoxy and paint, so there was little to do other than installing the hatch.

DSC00421Before installing, I coated all the newly exposed plywood edges with two coats of epoxy.  I then applied a liberal bead of silicone and secured with 3/4″ ss screws.

This hatch still allows for a good place to stand while straddling the tiller arm when sailing.  I plan to store extra line, repair parts, tool kits, registration, flairs, carabiners and first aid kit in this area.  I picked up a lot of good storage here that I had no previous access to.


2 thoughts on “Aft Hatch

  1. Looks great.

    How are you going to lay in the slats to make the sole level for sleeping?

    And I hope that hatch isn’t too high above the sole to cause discomfort while sleeping.
    I chose to put small pieces of 6mm plywood around the hatches so that the floor was close to level. I used the slightly thinner non-hidden fastener hatches. They are about 7-8mm, just a bit thicker than 6mm plywood.

    You can kind of see my footwell in this post:

  2. Jeff, I am planning to sleep by using the filler boards across both seats, hence I’m not filling in the footwell for sleeping. It could be done with a little work, but I chose the upper sleeping position.

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