Anchor Mods & Finish Up

Today, I was able to finish up the anchor system and stern bench seat.  The stern seat will make it easier to deploy the anchor and work the outboard.  It also provides a nice place to lounge while cruising with the outboard.  I through-bolted the seat to cleats placed underneath for a secure attachment.  DSC00423The bungie cord ties below with a figure 8 knot.  This provides a simple yet effective way to secure my anchor.  It also allows for very quick deployment of the anchor.

DSC00430The Fortress Commando anchor chain was a bit small and a bit short.  My theory is that you need a good heavy chain, especially with a lightweight anchor.  I replaced the 6 feet of 3/16″ chain with 12 feet of 1/4″ chain.

DSC00427The 1/4″ chain fit nicely with the existing shackle that came in the kit.  I used Pro Lok on the threads before tightening.

DSC00417This shot is from beneath the stern seat.  You can see the anchor arm extending toward the sole.  It fits nicely just inside the scupper.  Also, notice the anchor line coming through the seat longitudinal, then running back inside the anchor line storage area.   I secured it with a figure 8 knot just inside the anchor line storage area.

DSC00433Anchor, chain and line all secured in its proper place.

I’m anxious to get out and try this setup.  I have absolutely no experience anchoring a boat, so this should be educational.  


5 thoughts on “Anchor Mods & Finish Up

  1. Brent – All looking really good, and I’ll be borrowing some ideas from you as I make modifications going forward. However, just a comment on the shackle — I’m thinking a a better way to secure the pin would be by ‘mousing’ it – winding some wire through the hold in the end of the pin and around one leg of the shackle, thus keeping the pin from unscrewing. Some people use zip ties. — Dave

  2. This looks very convenient to deploy and retrieve which means you are more likely to use it even for a quick stop for to reef, eat, etc. Safety factor too if your need it in a hurry.
    Just need to watch that nasty metal against your hull and topsides. It has been my experience that the anchor likes to take a swing or two between breaking the surface and when you grab it. Anchoring is also fun and very shippy.

    • I’m anxious to use it and see if it works as well as I planned. There were several times in Port Townsend that I could have used an anchor and didn’t have one ready. I really wanted an anchor within arms reach for immediate deployment.

  3. Not sure how you have the anchor line connected to the chain. Shackling the chain to anchor is good, and mousing the pin with 3 figure 8 patterns is good too. I know guys who are cruisers who splice 3 strand “laid” line to the chain. Easy to inspect, easy to cut off and re-do if worn. Here’s how to do it: I think I read earlier in the blog that you had problems with 3 strand line unravelling. Here’s how to do a whipping with frapping turns to prevent that. You can do it on braided line too, gives a ship-shape Bristol fashion look, even if you’ve melted the ends of the line well. Here’s a great video from Annapolis Performance Sailing showing a nice way to melt the ends of your lines: Here’s how to do the whip lock:

    I’ve made a couple suggestion posts recently, having just found your blog. I hope you don’t mind! You’ve done such a great job of documenting your Scamp, I just want to help you out some. 🙂 And also your blog makes me want to build a Scamp too… just doesn’t fit into my current fleet right now…

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