Installing Oar Locks

With the oar lock blocks made and epoxied in place, I applied two coats of high gloss spar varnish and secure them with #10 stainless 1,1/4″ screws.  DSC00422  DSC00420  You need to drill the holes out to just the right size for a good solid fit.  I tested the hole size first on a scrap piece of oak.  Once I selected the proper hole size, I drilled the holes and tightened in the screws.  DSC00418I designed the blocks to fit just below the top the the coaming.  I wanted the installed oar locks to fit just below the coaming top for a smooth top line.

I’m now ready to build my break-down oars using the fiberglass connector kit offered by Duck Works.


2 thoughts on “Installing Oar Locks

    • Ya, I thought about building my own, but after seeing 9′ Spruce oars on eBay for $79.00 a pair, I just ordered a pair. They are great looking oars. Just FYI

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