Remaking the Filler Boards

My original design for filler boards didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.  I had purchased 3/4″ pine, planed it down to 5/8 and trimmed to fit.

DSC00423However, one of the boards split right down the center.  This did little to inspire confidence.    I considered making all the boards out of baltic birch plywood, but this would have been quite heavy.  I went back to Home Depot and looked around for an alternative.  And there she was, staring at me from the dusty, orange lumber rack:  Number 1, straight grain, clear poplar.  She was tall, straight, with nice color variegation and no knots.  Perfect 10.

DSC00426 The boards are soft, lightweight and beautiful.  DSC00424Like the earlier design, I cut one hole in the center of each board.  This works very well for one handed installation and removal.  I left the boards a full 3/4″ but rounded fore and aft edges.  I left the port and starboard edges square for a good fit into the seat edge groove.

DSC00418When storing, I place all the boards onto the aft sole hatch.DSC00417The hatch holds the boards up off floor.  This gap allows me to slip the 3′ river-straps around the boards with ease.

DSC00421I then grab the strap tails to slide the boards back into position.  The straps also cushions the boards slightly and holds them up off the floor.  This will minimize road vibration and wear, as the straps isolate the boards from the floor.  And, there is just enough room for a storage bin to sit on top of the boards, under the seat.  The height of the cam buckles keeps the storage bin from sliding forward.

DSC00420Yet, can easily be pulled up and over the buckles for easy access.

I love organizing my boat.  The efforts I’m making now, will make my sailing trips more comfortable and enjoyable.  Now on to the 4 purpose bailing bucket.  Can you guess the 4 different purposes?


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