3 Modes of Transportation in under 12′

While at Port Townsend I learned a lot about sailing.  One thing that really impressed me and caught me by surprise was how efficiently many Scamp owners rowed their boats.  I would be motoring along at say 3 knots (totally guessing here) and the Scamp rower would be silently cruising along beside me at nearly the exact same speed.  And, they were not all collegiate rowers with perfect technic.  Wow…I didn’t realize how well Scamp could be rowed.  I knew I wanted to have this capability.  How cool would it be to have three modes of transportation on my Scamp.  Sail, Row or Motor.  I love the expedition feel of this little boat and oars makes it so much more dependable.  Besides, rowing is shippy and natural and silent.  I wanted oars for Shackleton.  DSC00450UPS brought me this gorgeously wrapped item the other day.  Any guesses?  Purchased from eBay, these 9′ spruce oars sold for $79.00.  Total bargain.

DSC00426I’m impressed with these beauties.  The blade shape was a little crude, otherwise all looked well.

DSC00427I reshaped the bottom edge a bit, nothing major.

DSC00436Then sanded the lower 4″ or so.

DSC00449Added a coat of epoxy.

DSC00426Then tipped the ends with red, just for looks.

DSC00437Then I took these perfectly fine oars and cut them in half.

DSC00439Reshaped the ends a bit to bring them closer to round.  Shinto rasp, baby.

DSC00443And added the carbon fiber ferrules from Duck Works.  This will allow me to store the oars inside the cockpit, under the coaming.  The ferrules actually add about 3″, so the 9′ oars become about 9’3″ which is even better.

DSC00446 DSC00445You need to be careful and not goop thickened epoxy inside the sleeve areas.  Otherwise, this was a very simple thing to do.  The connection between the pieces is absolutely rock solid…I’m very impressed with the quality of these ferrules.

Now figuring out exactly how to store these babies.  


3 thoughts on “3 Modes of Transportation in under 12′

    • Dave, the oarlocks will be above the joints, hence the joints need to be able to slide through the oarlocks. I’m using 2 1/4″ oarlocks for this reason.

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