Oar Stowage

There long, ungainly and important.  But, how to store them?  This seems to be the vexing problem, especially if you want oars over 8′ long.  And, if you settle for 8′ oars they will be a little too short.

Well, you’ve seen my 9′ break down oars.  Now, let’s store them.

DSC00427 Starboard side:  The water gutter provides a nice little dip for the blade section to rest into.  They also fit nicely along side the filler boards.DSC00428  Port side:

DSC00434And, I can still move the filler boards forward with the oars stowed away.  A little tight, but it works.

DSC00432I wanted a system that held the oars securely even if the boards were removed.  Meet the basic bungie cord.  Both ends are knotted inside the wet storage locker.  This keeps the system trim.  I drilled 4 holes into the wet storage area (2 for the blade & 2 for the handle).  There is a knot between the blade loop and handle loop (also located inside the wet storage area) to keep the handle loop from drawing tight.

DSC00433This shows the Port side and the proximity to the anchor arm.

DSC00426Starboard side Upfront:  I moved the CB uphaul line up higher on the seat longitudinal.  It provided just enough room for the oars to run underneath them.  The bungie keep things from shifting inboard and provides a nice spot to tend the CB uphaul line.  The water gutter again provides a nice notch for the bottom oar to rest.

DSC00423Port side Upfront:  When you want to retrieve the oars, you simply pull the bungie forward and slide the two stick forward and out.

DSC00424The knots are tied under the seat extension and inside the footwell.  This keeps it simple and clean.

I’m happy with this basic system.  Now moving my attention to fender stowage.  I do not want these things inside my boat.  


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