Lighting, Music, Log Book and Dock Lines


I wanted to find a small LED light that could work as a flash light and a small lantern.  I wanted it light and simple.  I also needed to secure the light with a tether.  DSC00446I have often respected the UCO company for the uber cool candle lantern they manufacture.  Now they also offer a small LED lantern.

DSC00443And check out the attachment point.  Solid and simple.  I like the way the D ring is metal not plastic.

DSC00423Here it is secured under the veranda next to my UE bluetooth speaker.

DSC00427The light in the collapsed, flashlight mode.DSC00432The light in it’s extended lantern mode.  This light will be augmented by my headlamp, but should offer general evening lighting.


Who doesn’t want music on their vessel?  I love music and think it can add a ton to the mood and experience.  It’s also a great way to get your kids involved.

DSC00424 The UG speaker offers huge volume buttons that are very easy to find.  It has a 15 hour lithium ion battery.  The sound on this little water resistant speaker is incredible.

DSC00428 And check out the secure D ring on the bottom.DSC00426Easy to find on/off button with audio verification.

DSC00440I used bungie cord to secure the speaker up under the veranda.  This keeps it from swinging.

DSC00437The back side is secured with a carabiner to the loop line.  So, even if it slipped out of the bungie (which seems very secure), I wouldn’t loose my speaker.

Log Book:

DSC00448Every boat needs a log book.  This allows you to keep a journal of your micro expeditions.  Where would we be if early explorers didn’t keep journals?  DSC00453Rite in the Rain makes 100% waterproof journals.  I’ve always wanted one, but wasn’t sure I needed one.  With Shackleton, I now need one.DSC00451I love the small carabiner that came with the pen.  It allows me to secure the pen to the notebook.  The pen will write upside down or during a rain storm.  The ink is smudge proof.  I wrote a few notes on the front page and put the whole thing under the tap.  My kids thought I was crazy…not a single smudge.  Awesome gear.   DSC00455The carabiner also allows me to tether the journal to my boat.  I made the tether long enough to allow me to make a journal entry without unclipping the tether.

Dock Lines:

I didn’t want them dangling.  I did’t want them getting hung up in my outboard.  I didn’t want them trailing behind me like kelp around the centerboard.

DSC00435 I used stainless coat hooks from Ductworks and hung 2 lines on each side of the veranda.  I mounted them on the outboard side of the bow hatches.  This allows good access to the hatches without getting tangled up in the lines.  DSC00434I didn’t use a carabiner to secure these lines, instead, I just hung them.  I want very quick access to the dock lines.

Now working on mounting the compass


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