Shackleton is for Sale

Fellow sailors and friends,

With the boat building bug having bit me again, I need to create room for my Skiff America 20.  This means that I’ll need to sell my beloved Shackleton.  If you have ever wanted to own a Scamp, this might be your chance.  If you want to build one, I totally get it.  I loved building mine.  If, however, you’re more of a sailor than a builder, you can buy Shackleton and take her to all the remote places you’ve dreamed about.  The decision to sell Shackleton has been a gut wrenching decision for me and one I have struggled with for some time.  I hope Shackleton can be owned by someone that loves her as much as I do.


Here’s the details:

Less than 20 hours total sailing time

Neil Pryde sail
Norhtwest Canvas sail cover
Suzuki 2.5 outboard, new
Ritchie compass
Carnai galvanized trailer
Ancor system
Break down oar system
Custom full cover bimini

I’m into this build well over $15,000 in hard costs

Willing to sell for $12,000

You can contact me through the blog or reach me at:  208-589-1222


2 thoughts on “Shackleton is for Sale

  1. Sorry to learn you are selling Shackleton. This was an obvious project of love and you did a beautiful job of bringing her to life. Whoever buys her will have a museum quality piece of art.

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