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I’m just an ordinary family guy with a wife who loves me and a great family.  I work for a living like everyone else and carve out time on the weekends to bicycle, backpack, whitewater raft, nordic ski, photograph nature or build something.  I’m not happy without a project or outdoor adventure.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I live in Boise. My wife and I built a couple of Pygmy kayaks last year and I’d like to try to convince her to build a small boat. Is there any chance you’ll be out and about with your boat sometime this spring? I’d like to find a way for her to see it.
    Phil Hatton

    • Phil, I’m sure we could work something out. Just bring your kayaks, because I have my eye on a Pygmy design.

  2. Hi Brent, first off thanks for your blog on Shackleton, some good stufff there and I have enjoyed reading it.
    I live in Motueka, Tasman Bay, NZ and am building Scamp # 397 , “Nordic”
    Good to see you fired up about building another scamp, I was looking for a email to contact you but could only find this link, my apologys for contacting you through a public domain. I could show you how to sharpen a plane iron you could shave with but when it comes to computers I am a Luddite!
    If you would like to see some of the mods I have made to my scamp feel free to send or put up your email address and I will send you some pics etc

    Kind regards

    Julian Crane

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