Anchor Mods & Finish Up

Today, I was able to finish up the anchor system and stern bench seat.  The stern seat will make it easier to deploy the anchor and work the outboard.  It also provides a nice place to lounge while cruising with the outboard.  I through-bolted the seat to cleats placed underneath for a secure attachment.  DSC00423The bungie cord ties below with a figure 8 knot.  This provides a simple yet effective way to secure my anchor.  It also allows for very quick deployment of the anchor.

DSC00430The Fortress Commando anchor chain was a bit small and a bit short.  My theory is that you need a good heavy chain, especially with a lightweight anchor.  I replaced the 6 feet of 3/16″ chain with 12 feet of 1/4″ chain.

DSC00427The 1/4″ chain fit nicely with the existing shackle that came in the kit.  I used Pro Lok on the threads before tightening.

DSC00417This shot is from beneath the stern seat.  You can see the anchor arm extending toward the sole.  It fits nicely just inside the scupper.  Also, notice the anchor line coming through the seat longitudinal, then running back inside the anchor line storage area.   I secured it with a figure 8 knot just inside the anchor line storage area.

DSC00433Anchor, chain and line all secured in its proper place.

I’m anxious to get out and try this setup.  I have absolutely no experience anchoring a boat, so this should be educational.  

Stowing the Anchor

Anchors are sharp, clunky, awkward and muddy.  Yet they are a necessity.  Where to store one has been a vexing issue.  Here’s what I came up with.

DSC00451First off, I chose a Fortress Commando lightweight aluminum anchor.  If it doesn’t hold, I’ll go for a heavier one, but if it does hold, I’ll have saved some significant weight.

DSC00452I knocked off two of the exposed rough edges.  After all, I want this to live inside my boat.  I also want to prevent lines from snagging on the anchor.

DSC00455Showing the top ears cut off at a 45 degree angle.

DSC00456I then rounded the ears with a metal file.

DSC00466I made a stern seat board (which I will secure in place) for increased comfort when motoring or working with the anchor.  Near the back corner, I cut a slot to hold the anchor in a vertical, ready to deploy position.

DSC00463 The black piece (yet to be bolted down) is UHMW.  It will protect the plywood edges of the wet storage.  My anchor line will run into the access hole.  The bitter end will be secured inside this wet storage compartment.

DSC00470Showing the V notch cut into the baltic birch.

DSC00467I then ran a black bungie cord around the back of the anchor.  This will keep it in place during a capsize and prevent the anchor from vibrating as I travel down the road.  I think I’ll round off the back ears as well for easier bungie removal.

DSC00475My anchor line runs through a captive bow eye and then back to the cockpit for easy deployment.  I chose to store and deploy off the Port side.  It just felt more natural to me for some strange reason.

DSC00473The brass ring-line allows me to retrieve the bow anchor line while seated from the cockpit.  Remember, you can’t reach the bow.  By drawing in the brass ring-line, the anchor line is brought back to the cockpit for easy retrieval.  Hard to explain, so I won’t try.  I got the idea from Howard Rice off the Scamp forum.  I mocked it up in my garage and I believe it is going to work well.

I’m amazed at all the systems that need to be considered, worked through and solved, in order to have an organized boat.  I keep thinking I should be about done, but there is actually quite a lot to go.  Luckily, I’m still enjoying the process.