5 Purpose Bailing Bucket

A small boat is harder to design and organize than a large boat.  A small house is harder to design and organize than a large house.  Everything has to be multi purpose, sized to fit and nothing can get out of whack or the whole thing suffers.

Shackleton is small and I want it organized.

I started with a 20 quart flat back bucket.  It looked the part…solidly built with a rugged bailing handle, but it was just too big.  I couldn’t access the floor storage or the BH3 storage without moving the bucket.  I looked at several big box retailers for the perfect size bucket.  Many were OK, but none were just right.  Then I looked around my house.  In my kids bedroom was this waste basket.  The more I stared at it, the more convinced I became.  It was just right.

DSC00451This is the location I chose for the bucket.  I attached a stainless steel eye against BH3.

DSC00453With a bungie running through the eye, it holds the bucket in place and out of the way.  The rectangular shape fits the ackward space most efficiently.

DSC00464Notice how it doesn’t interfere with my storage hatches.

Now for the 5 purposes:

DSC004551-Wet shoe storage.  This should help contain all the dirt and gravel that come in on shoes and keep the boat much cleaner.


2-Porta Potty.  Utilizing the same bungie, I can secure a Wag Bag inside the bucket.  The footwell provides a very nice place to conduct business.  I plan (haven’t actually tried this yet) to sit on a filler board, then ease off the back side and get R done.  Simeon takes credit for developing this technic…he described it to me in Port Townsend.  Wag Bags provide an effective and simple solution to the porta potty problem.  If you’ve never used them, you’ll be impressed.

3-Pee bucket.  Capture, dump over the side.  Remember for pee, dilution is the solution.


4-Bailing Bucket.  This size should work well to get into the corners of the footwell for fast and efficient bailing.

5-Garbage.  By placing a grocery bag inside the bucket, it would also work well for granola wrappers or micro trash.

Now building break down oars.