Navigation Compass

I’m not sure I’ll use it.  I’m not sure I needed it.  But, I wanted it.  Every sailboat ought to have a compass.  Not some new fangled GPS (though I’m not necessarily against these modern devises), but an actual magnetic compass.  Also, I didn’t want one that required batteries and would illuminate at night.  No, I just wanted a good old fashion end of the world magnetic compass.

DSC00447Meet the Ritchie V-527.  Typically used on smaller vessels like kayaks.  I thought this size and weight were perfect for Shackleton.

DSC00441I wanted to mount it directly centered on BH 3 but the mast box is almost the exact same width as the bolt pattern for the compass.  So, I had to move off center to get the job done.  I built a 3/4″ backer plate to hold the compass off the bulkhead for proper installation.  The backer plate and compass are through bolted to BH3.


I like how the compass is out of the way and easy to read.  I love the simple magnetic nature of this devise…no batteries ever.  It’s as if Mother Nature wanted us to have a way to navigate and this compass will allow you to do it.