More Outfitting of Shackleton

Warning:  This post may be extremely boring to many of you, unless small details matter.

3 things I’m trying to solve in this post:

  1. Garbage stowage
  2. Fire Extinguisher stowage
  3. Seat Cushions

Let’s jump first to the garbage issue.  I decided to add a garbage in addition to my bail bucket.  This leaves the bail bucket free to store shoes, bail and function as a toilet.  So, I now need a place for garbage.

DSC00441 I added a soft stuff sack which holds half a dozen grocery bags to the front side of the library, secured by a tea hook.

DSC00443I can pull out a garbage bag, secure it to the hook and place all my daily trash in it.  Once in a harbor, I can simply discard the bag/garbage.  This system will provide me with 6-8 garbage bags for a given trip, which should be sufficient.

Now for the Fire Extinguisher:

Coast Guard rules say if your boat has a motor, you need to have a fire extinguisher on board at all times.

DSC00435In reviewing the ideal location for a fire extinguisher, I learned there is not an ideal location.  There is only good, better, best.  I settled for good/better.  Ideally, the fire extinguisher would be more accessible in the event of a fire, this would be best.  But, to mount the extinguisher up top would add to the cabin clutter and could snag on a strap or line, which could cause an accidental discharge.  Also, they are quite heavy.  To add this much weight up higher wasn’t to my liking.  So, I settled on the ballast chamber.  This offers good access (albeit a few seconds longer to retrieve) and best with regards to keeping the weight low in the boat.

DSC00436It just so happens that my vault lid screws are perfectly spaced to prevent the extinguisher from moving left or right.  The gap between the bulkhead and the vault also provides a nice nesting place for the extinguisher to settle in.

DSC00439This was simple to install and should be fast to remove in the event of a fire.  The security strap prevents the extinguisher from shifting around or falling in the event of a capsize.

Seat Cushions:

You can probably guess I wanted it simple.  Think Ham N Egger.  I was also concerned about the cushions shifting or denying me access to seat hatches.  And, could the cushion be used on shore for sitting?

DSC00424 This a piece from an old closed cell foam pad I had lying around.  I rounded the corners for a cleaner edge.  DSC00425I can move it to whereever I need it, including shore or a picnic table.  I could also kneel on it when tying up at a dock.  I could also place it under my air pad at night to slightly raise my head a bit.  I could also roll it up and beat my sailing partner with it late at night to a full moon.  The list could go on & on.

DSC00423It stores easily inside any of my compartments.

Now on to Oar Stowage