Attaching Water Bottle Holders

I used 3/4″ SS screws with fender washers.  I screwed the cup holders into bulkhead #4.

DSC00418I originally placed the screws through both webbing straps, but the screw head scratched the bottle and made the fit a bit snug.  I then placed the screws only through the vertical webbing into the bulkhead.  This worked better.

DSC00427Two on Starboard side.DSC00429Two on Port side.


  • Out of the sun
  • Just under the veranda
  • Easily reached from the cockpit
  • One handed retrieval and put back
  • Flexible
  • Imposible to damage
  • Easy to sew and install

 This is one of several steps I want to take to better organize Shackleton.  How organized is your boat?

Water Bottle Holders

So, where do you keep a cold drink or hold your snacks while sailing?  I don’t like things clanking around my feet, loose on the floor.  I want Shackleton organized and orderly.  I’ll say it again, the fun of building your own sailboat, is that you get to decide and solve all these issues.

While waiting for epoxy to dry, I set about trying to solve this problem.  The first question is actually not where, but what.  What will you use to hold your water and snacks?  Once you have answered the what question, you can move on to the where question.

For years I have used and been an advocate for Nalgene bottles.  After my wife went through thousands of prettier, neater, cooler, fancier, insulated water bottles, she was finally ready to live a higher law and just get a Nalgene bottle.  She now is a believer.

With the Nalgene doctrine firmly entrenched, I was ready to move on to the where question.  I originally wanted to build a water bottle holder on the aft filler board.  This would have worked, but the bottles would have been in full sun.  This was not optimal and just didn’t feel right.

I had some leftover webbing laying around from my boat lifting straps.  While eyeing over this left over webbing, I came up with a ‘Ham n Egger’ idea.

DSC00423What if I could use the left over strapping to create water bottle holders?

 The design concept was:

  1. A simple soft design that wouldn’t get in the way, get smashed, knocked off or interfere with other gear.
  2. Utilize a standard 1 Liter Nalgene bottle.
  3. Work with both wide mouth and narrow mouth Nalgene bottles.
  4. Stow the drinks or snacks out of the sun.
  5. Ready made with available stuff around home.
  6. Allow for one handed fetch and put back operation.
  7. Create two holders per sailor (for a total of 4 holders).  This gives each sailor one bottle for his drink and the other for snacks.

DSC00429I love my Sailrite sewing machine.  I don’t use it a lot, but when I do, I’m always glad I have it.  DSC00424The stitching is not professional grade, but well within the ‘Ham n Egger’ category.DSC00426DSC00416I plan to bolt the bottle holders to the forward side of BH4, just under the veranda, easily within reach of the cockpit seats and out of the sun.

I had 4″ of webbing left over after cutting all the parts.  The sailing Gods were smiling down on me today.