Rigging Hardware

Warning:  This blog post may be boring, especially if you already know how to rig a Scamp.

Rigging hardware has always been a bit of a mystery to me…largely because I don’t understand it.  There are very few sailboats in Idaho, so there’s not much to look at.  Also, Scamp is a little different from other sailboats…simpler…yet different, with the balance lug rid and all.  I knew I was in over my head, so I called Chuck at Ductworks to get his input and advise.  He helped me with my wants and needs.   $600 dollars later, I almost have what I need.

DSC00411This is a glance at most of the hardware I will be using.  A couple of pieces are backordered (traveler swivel block and sail outhaul cleat).   Let’s look at each piece separately.

DSC00408First off the lines.  The black at far left is bungie cording I plan to use as sail ties.  The white is 100′ of 1/8″ solid braid polyester for sail lacing, the red is 35′ of 5mm Marlow Excel for the halyard.  The 4mm (3mm?) Marlow Excel in blue, lime and black will be used for reefing.

DSC004092 closed bow eyes for anchoring.

DSC00420Four 6″ deck cleats for tying up at a dock.

I decided to try the continuous reefing system explained by others.  The following 3 images pertain to the parts needed for the continuous reefing setup.

DSC00408 9 Cheek blocksDSC00419 9 pad eyes (to keep all the reefing lines straight).DSC004183 cleats to cleat off the reefing lines.

DSC00410Rudder uphaul & downhaul cleats (note the downhaul is the auto release type to allow the rudder to release upon impact)

DSC00414Top of mast & sail outhaul blocks with straps.

DSC00417Halyard swivel base deck block.

DSC004155″ Halyard deck cleat and two 4″ veranda cleats (to tend the halyard & downhaul lines).

DSC00412Downhaul double blocks (deck block with becket).

DSC00413Downhaul deck cleat with fairlead.

DSC00411Boom swivel block and mainsheet stand-up tiller block (I will be bringing the mainsheet down to the tiller for one handed sailing).

DSC00416Mainsheet tiller cam cleat (for occasionally cleating off the mainsheet when conditions permit).


Wish me luck.  I’m sure if you asked 100 people how to rig a Scamp you would get 101 opinions.  This is my first attempt…we’ll see how I like things and then make changes from there.  Sometimes in life you just have to move forward and see how things work out.  This is my ready, fire, aim approach.