Scamp Trailer

I needed a good trailer for Shackleton.  Living in Idaho has many advantages, but sailing is not one of them.  I will need to trailer long distances to reach some of the sailing waters I plan to explore.  And, It’s no fun to break down when you’ve worked so hard to build a boat and planed so well to pull off an adventure.  Hence, I was not looking to save money…I wanted the best trailer possible.  I contacted Dave at Gig Harbor boats to discuss the advantages of the trailer they designed specifically for Scamp.  After hearing about all they’ve done to optimize this trailer, I was sold.  I’ll discuss a few of the advantages below.  DSC00035This baby is well built.  The uprights are solid.  I think you could step on the fenders without any problems…though I may avoid doing this.

DSC00036I sprung for LED taillights.  For an additional $60.00 I felt the upgrade was well worth the solid state advantage.  I don’t want to worry about taillights going out…hopefully these prove advantageous.

DSC00037The rollers are self centering and adjustable.  With the trimmed down skegs on Shackleton, I believe she’ll roll right up onto the trailer.

DSC00039Buddy bearings are easy to lube and offer a internal spring, pressing the lube into the bearings.  The cap is a nice touch to keep grime out.

DSC00040Cap removed showing grease fitting.  The galvanized wheels appear utilitarian and practical…just like Scamp.

DSC00041These trailers are made in Spokane, WA.  I made arrangements to pick up the trailer at the factory, since I live closer to Spokane than Port Townsend.  DSC00043Another thing I really like are the galvanized tubes.  All the tubes are open ended for water to run out.  Additionally, the end-cuts are all galvanized as well.  This should provide excellent rust inhibition.

DSC00044Notice how all the cross members, posts, bunks and axel are bolted together and hence adjustable.  This will allow me to fine tune the tung weight for ideal towing behind my Subaru.

DSC00035The front bunk has been upgraded to a 4″ x 4″ presumably for better water drainage toward the rear scuppers inside the boat.  All carpets bunks are well wrapped and secured.  I can’t find fault anywhere here.

DSC00046The hitch takes a 2″ ball.  Notice the safety pin riveted to the hitch.  No more loosing the safety bolt.  I also had Dave install a front wheel jack for easy maneuvering of Shackleton on the trailer.

So, how much did it cost?  Call Dave…I think it was a bargain.

I’m really glad Gig Harbor offers this trailer.  I couldn’t have designed a better trailer if I started from scratch.  

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